About me

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After finishing high school at 17, I made a research project on computer graphics using my school as a model. This resulted in a virtual tour in real time and countless renders. This project of experimentation helped me realize 3D Design was my path and got me a scholarship on a prestigious Design University at Catalonia. With time, blending theory learned at University and self-instruction, I started to take on mapping seriously. My first creation was a campaign for Left 4 Dead, “No Mercy Park” –and latter, the ambitious project of Warcelona.

In Warcelona, I took care of the whole of design –from levels, gameplay and lighting to script, composition, balance and NPC’s. In addition to the 1230 hours put  on the Authoring Tools, I have also modeled and textured a lot of assets and materials, all NPC’s, the museum, the swimming pool, most of the church, the subway, etc. For a complete list and explanation of my work in Warcelona, please visit my portfolio.

Aside from design and photography, I have been the main contact with the community. Thanks to this, the whole development cycle of Warcelona can be seen through text and screenshots at the forum gameartspain.es (in Spanish),  from the beginnings of the projects, with every change, addition and setback recorded until the end, resulting in a very enriching read-through for those interested in starting such an ambitious community project and not die trying.

Aside from collaborating in a little company focused in mobile videogames, Chain Apps, where I take care of the design and gameplay of the games and designing and writting for ZehnGames.com, I'm currently working in Coma: a mind adventure with Dani Navarro.

We did a crowdfunding in Indiegogo.com and it went really well, and now we're focused in the development of Coma, a full game made in udk about puzzle solving. The player must change the climate to solve the puzzles.