Friday, 2 March 2012

Esdi virtual tour

This is how I do to survive university. It's expensive, and from the first year I had a scholarship. In one of the many works I do, they asked me to finish a high poly model of the university. Instead, I did from scratch a low poly model, because it was easier to me than to finish the high poly model.

They never asked me to do that, but my idea then was to show to them a playable wip unity environment. I showed to them (teachers and admins) and they were amazed. So amazed they told me to continue with that, so I wouldn't have to record and log tapes again. I began then with UDK, and convinced then to let me export everything to UDK, and this is the result (for now).

note: this is all a real time UDK environment, ready to be played in iphone.

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